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Demonstration data

TMA Navigator is a system for analysing tissue microarray (TMA) data (see introduction). Several tools are available for data exploration, network inference and survival analysis. Several example datasets are available to demonstrate the capabilities of TMA Navigator. You can either select an example dataset to try TMA Navigator using a typical workflow, or skip straight to example results to view the output from analyses run on these datasets.

Alternatively, example datasets are available to download, if you wish to see how TMA Navigator works from start to finish.

Example datasets

Example datasets demonstrate the TMA Navigator workflow without having to upload one's own data. To start a workflow with one of these datasets, please click on one of the links below. Once the dataset page opens, click Run analysis to get started. For further help, see working with datasets.

Breast Cancer 1 (AQUA)

128 breast cancer patients, 9 proteins

Breast Cancer 2 (AQUA)

92 breast cancer patients, 16 proteins

Breast Cancer 3 (IHC, 5 levels)

122 breast cancer patients, 4 proteins

Breast Cancer 3 (IHC quickscore)

122 breast cancer patients, 4 proteins

Example results

If you'd prefer to see examples of TMA Navigator output without trying the workflow, please see the list of example results.

Download example data

If preferred, the datasets listed below have raw data available for download, if you wish to try out the upload facility. After downloading data, click the Add dataset button in the top right of any page on the main site to get started.

Breast Cancer 2 (AQUA)

Breast Cancer 3 (IHC quickscore)

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