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Marker heatmap

The Spearman correlation coefficient is calculated for each pairwise combination of markers. The result is displayed as a heatmap - a grid of coloured squares. The colour of a square indicates the correlation value between a pair of markers on a blue-grey-orange scale (representing negative correlation, no correlation and positive correlation respectively). A dendrogram, or tree, shows how markers group together using agglomerative hierarchical clustering with complete linkage.

Available for: continuous and categorical scoring

[Top]Viewing the results

A heatmap of protein marker correlations, with a dendrogram generated by hierarchical clustering

Figure 1: A marker heatmap showing protein marker correlations. The dendrograms (left and top) show how markers group together based on hierarchical clustering.

The plot on the left hand side contains a heatmap illustrating Spearman correlation values and dendrograms, which visualise hierarchical clustering based on these values. Each square on the heatmap represents a Spearman correlation value between a pair of markers. Marker names are displayed on the right and bottom of the heatmap. If the labels are not clear or are too small, please click on the button labelled Download as SVG image to download a copy of the image that can be zoomed without loss of quality.

The buttons on the right-hand side are:

The heatmap colour scale (below) shows Spearman correlation on a continuous scale - blue (negative) through grey (no correlation) through orange (positive).

Heatmap scale
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