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Density plots

Density plots provide visualisation of marker score distributions, approximated non-parametrically using kernel density estimation (KDE) [Rosenblatt 1956 Ann. Math. Statist. 27:832] with a two-stage adaptive bandwidth procedure [Abramson 1982 Ann. Statist. 10:1217] and plotted as a line graph.

Available for: continuous scoring

[Top]Viewing the results

To select a marker, click on the tab at the top that contains its name. With a marker selected, you will see the density plot on the left, and descriptive statistics on the right.

The density plot shows how the marker scores are distributed in the samples (e.g. a cohort of patients). On the x-axis is the score, and on the y-axis is the (probability) density, which represents how frequently a given score occurs in the cohort. Score regions with high density occur frequently in the samples, whereas regions with low density occur infrequently.

The buttons on the right-hand side are:

The statistics on the right-hand side are:

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